a r t i f i c i e l
current events

  Impacts+ > Rerooted, Hull [uk]
from 24/03/2017 to 27/03/2017

Videoscénographie MUTEK > Musée d'art contemporain, Montréal [ca]
from 01/06/2016 to 06/06/2016

beyond6281 > Banff Center For the Arts, Banff [ca]
from 16/03/2016 to 21/03/2016

Résidence Convergence > Banff Center for the Arts, Banff [ca]
from 06/03/2016 to 27/03/2016

vertiges > Planétarium, Montréal [ca]
from 02/01/2016 to 31/07/2016

(vide) > Galerie Clark, Montréal [ca]
from 15/10/2015 to 31/10/2015

POWEr > ISEA2015, vancouver [ca]
19/08/2015 23:00 GMT


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booking & info
marc langlois / la chasse galerie
+1 514 276 9251


a r t i f i c i e l is a digital creation studio based in Montréal.

Amongst our recent projects you can see and hear
the Vertiges immersive projection at the Planétarium de Montréal,
the Impacts installation at the Rome Contemporary Museum,
the Brassard: Échos exhibition à la Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec and
our video and interactive work on MJ ONE at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay.

Some of our artworks have received international awards,
such as condemned_bulbes installation at Ars Electronica 2005 in Linz
and the POWEr performance at FILE 2011 in Sãu Paulo.

In parallel to our artistic practice, we consult on technology integration and execute artistic and production mandates for shows and exhibition.

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