IMPACTS : tesla coil audiovisual installation
©2012 burton

With Impacts, Alexandre Burton tames lightning in a high voltage installation. Impressive electrical arcs generated with Tesla coils come crashing on suspended glass panes creating striking light structures, increasing in intensity as one gets closer. Using the percussive potential of these impacts, so powerful they can crack the glass, the installation fascinates as much for it's beauty than it's danger.

— Marie Lechner, Libération, 3 avril 2013

Tesla coils each fitted with a glass pane and suspended from the ceiling of the exhibition space make up the components of this “live” sculptural installation. The presence of the visitor before each sculptural device activates an audio and visual experience. The visitor’s proximity to the works engages arcs of electricity of variable intensities as well as a rhythmic articulation, generated by the impact of the electrical arc on the glass pane.

As a symbolic and sonic source, the Tesla coil’s ability to throw electric arcs has been employed by a wide spectrum of artists. With this new work, Alexandre Burton proposes the use of plasma (loosely defined as an electrically neutral medium of positive and negative particles) as matter and medium itself, circumscribed by a defined frame and articulated through unique programming. In this way, IMPACTS serves as a reminder of the danger and muscle of this marvel while capturing its sublime beauty and rhythmic potential.

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