artificiel.process (2008)

artificiel.process("martin tétreault") presented at Mutek (Montréal, 2008), artificiel.process("quasar") presented at Dell'Arte (Montréal, 2008), artificiel.process("martin tétreault") presented at Transmediale (Berlin, 2009)

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  Impacts+ > Rerooted, Hull [uk]
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Videoscénographie MUTEK > Musée d'art contemporain, Montréal [ca]
from 01/06/2016 to 06/06/2016

beyond6281 > Banff Center For the Arts, Banff [ca]
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Résidence Convergence > Banff Center for the Arts, Banff [ca]
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vertiges > Planétarium, Montréal [ca]
from 02/01/2016 to 31/07/2016

(vide) > Galerie Clark, Montréal [ca]
from 15/10/2015 to 31/10/2015

POWEr > ISEA2015, vancouver [ca]
19/08/2015 23:00 GMT


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marc langlois / la chasse galerie
+1 514 276 9251


open-ended audiovisual performance platform.
©2008 artificiel

artificiel.process is a an open-ended audiovisual platform developed as a realtime performing instrument. Multiple cameras and projectors are integrated into an audio sampling and processing engine, allowing the performers to seamlessly grab, process and diffuse sonic and visual material on-the-fly.

While the platform is being developed in anticipation of the future artificiel POWER project (coming summer 2009!) we are interested in collaborative projects in which we can share our approach and tools with others. The first lucky talent to undergo our media surgery was Martin Tétrault, at Mutek 2008. We are currently working on a contemporary music performance with Quasar (saxophone quartet), and contemplating procssing a few other odd artist friends.